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About Us

Personalized B InterviewSavvy Coaching Using a Proven System

If you want a role with long-term career growth potential, apply today for a complimentary assessment. 

About You
  • Are you frustrated, overworked, and stressed out with your current job situation?

  • Are you not getting pass the initial interviews?

  • Are you ready to brush up on your interview skills? 

We offer serious job candidates that are unemployed, under employed, or looking to pivot in their career to get the offer they deserve using a proven system.

Our Map to B InterviewSavvy

If accepted as a client, we’ll review your desired role, work history, and accomplishments.  We'll help you to reduce anxiety and increase confidence, in advance of your interview, by providing 1:1 coaching with our four-step system for success.

We also offer resume assessments and emotional intelligence (EQ) assessments.

B InterviewSavvy clients will receive lifetime benefits as they advance in their career. 

Our Services

Assessment, Debrief & Coaching

We help you increase your emotional intelligence, using the EQ-i 2.0 assessment, which hiring managers find pivotal in hiring the best talent. 


We provide 1:1 coaching support at every step in the negotiation process. 

Phone Screen Interview Coaching

Practice and receive coaching to effectively prepare for an upcoming interview with a mock interview.

Resume Assessment

Learn if your resume would grab the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager and receive personalized recommendations on how your resume can stand out.



"Jenn is the real deal!!! Jenn is a phenomenal coach! She coached me through a series of interviews that were lined up for me. Jenn exudes patience and encouragement throughout each session. She asks the right questions that enhance your work experience. Jenn is great at coaching!!! I was offered 3 jobs after I worked with Jenn!!! She is the real deal!!!"

Alissia B. - Washington, DC

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