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Strengths-based development starts with understanding what strengths contribute to performance.

Assess Your Strengths

The CliftonStrengths® assessment identifies a person's natural talents and capacities to perform at excellence. It's a development tool - the more you use your strengths, the stronger they get - and a means of tailoring talent to task and improving performance.

Coached to Excellence

The people with the talent for the distinct job aspects have an intrinsic ability to do them and, when coached, do them with excellence. When managers encourage employees to use their strengths and talents to achieve a goal, individual engagement improves (from 9% to 15%) as does team performance.

Gallup studies have found 8% to 18% performance improvement and 2% to 10% increases in customer engagement among strengths-based organizations.

Personalized for Greater Impact

Personalized report so every employee can embrace greater confidence, empowerment, and success by learning your top strengths/talents.

Insights on leader-specific strengths for managers and executives to manage intentionally, meet goals and improve your team’s success. 

Applicable for Corporate, Government, and Not-for-Profit

B IncreasinglySavvy will help you:

  • develop your own and your team's potential

  • foster workplace engagement

  • learn how the world's best managers get results

  • save time on preparing team activities

The Process

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Book your discovery call to discuss a personalized package to leverage your team's strengths to improve performance, build stronger relationships, and resolve conflict.

Customized Workshop and Personalized Reports

Tailored workshops and personalized reports consists of:

  • Custom insights

  • Areas of excellence

  • Navigating blind spots

  • Managing lesser strengths

  • Action items

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Partner with us, your certified EQ practitioner and leadership coach, to continue growth through emotional intelligence using your top strengths.

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