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Interview Coaching that suit your needs

Negotiation Coaching

Stop leaving money on the table.  You will receive coaching on what to say during your initial phone screen to increase your chances of receiving a competitive offer after your final round of interviews.  We provide 1:1 coaching support at every step in the negotiation process. 

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Phone Screen Interview Coaching

Lay the right foundation for your initial phone screen with a recruiter or hiring manager.  Practice and receive coaching to effectively prepare for an upcoming interview with a mock interview.

Resume Assessment

Learn if your resume would grab the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager and receive personalized recommendations on how your resume can stand out.  Note: This service is for an assessment.  We do not write resumes but we are happy to refer you to a professional resume writer.

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

There are over 14,000 full-time jobs today on that include #emotionalintelligence in the listing. A study of over 16,000 people who all completed the EQ-i 2.0 list specific factors that contribute to their success. (From the book, THE EQ EDGE)

We know your emotional intelligence is pivotal when a hiring manager is selecting the best new talent. We work to increase your emotional intelligence by administering the official EQ-i 2.0 assessment, providing a customized debrief of your EQ-i results, and conducting EQ-i coaching based on your specific action plan.

Serving All Phases of Your Career

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Early Career 

Basic Package for Early in Career – Make your first impression, a lasting impression with the basic package for entry level roles. Receive personalized coaching and resources as you prepare for multiple rounds of interviews.


Premium Package for Professionals – Exude confidence from your first interview to the moment you accept an offer. Take advantage of a comprehensive coaching package that includes a resume assessment, preparation for multiple rounds of interviews, including with executives, and win-win strategies for negotiating the compensation you deserve.

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All Career Levels

B EmotionallyIntelligent Package for All Career Levels - Increase your emotional intelligence by completing the official EQ-i 2.0 assessment, obtaining a customized debrief of your EQ-i results, and receiving EQ-i coaching based on your specific action plan.

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